“The knowledge of heritage enlightens thoughts and the path of life” Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

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  • Aquatic Activities


    If the desert is the beating heart of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, then the sea is definitely its arms reaching out to the world. From pearl fishing to international trade and inhabiting the many wonderful islands surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Gulf, the sea is definitely a major part of Abu Dhabi’s story.

    On the borderline between the desert and the sea, the People of Abu Dhabi celebrates this story through many cultural aquatic activities, activities that bring back the glorious old relation with the sea. Pearl fishing trips and traditional boats parades are some the favorite activities.

    The Gharibia Watersports festival is a major yearly event to celebrate the old relation with the sea.



  • Poetry

    The story of a nation in verses

    Poetry is a container of the cultural heritage of Emiratis and people of the region, and it has helped pass this heritage from generation to generation.

    Abu Dhabi’s passion for poetry has no limit, and that is reflected through the many programs and initiatives that has been launched by the Emirate’s Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee.

    The hit TV show “Poet of the Million” dedicated exclusively to the traditional Nabati poetry is the biggest poetry contest in the world when it comes to the value of its prizes. Its first prize exceeds in value the Nobel Prize. “

    The Prince of Poets” is another TV contest and a super production dedicated to poetry. It aims at bringing back the golden age of literary arabic poetry. The Abu Dhabi Poetry Academy serves as an academic platform that supports the initiatives related to poetry in the UAE capital.


  • Falconry

    Traditional hunting as it once was

    Hunting with falcons, locally know as Saqqara … this tradition can be described as hunting in its most natural ways, since it is about manipulating the instinct of one of the world’s most beautiful birds.
    This millennial tradition has become through the centuries a pillar of the UAE heritage; the Falcon is nothing less than the national symbol of the Emirati state.

    Though this love for the falcon is shared with dozens of countries around the world, especially in Asia, and the “International Festival of Falconry” comes as a unique platform for the world’s best falconers and one of the major event dedicated to falconry.


  • The Camel

    The vessel of the desert

    It is the one beloved animal that has been a partner in the quest for sustaining life in a harsh environment, and through the centuries. It is given the love and respect it deserves from the people of Abu Dhabi, especially in their cultural and heritage festivals.

    The “Mazayna” is the traditional beauty contest for camels, and it attracts proud camel owners from around the arabian peninsula.

    The most common pure lineage camels are “Asayel” and “Majahim”.

    The standards for the beauty of camels are largely shared within the tribes of the region, and they include the shape of the eyes, the hump, the color and the sleek body.

    The “Al Dhafra” festival that takes place every winter in the emirate of Abu Dhabi on the edges of the Empty Quarter is considered the most important festival for bedouin life and has many “Mazayna” contests. It attracts tribes and camels owners from around the region.

    The camel races are also an important element of the camel culture, and they use cutting edge technologies, like robots instead of jockeys!



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“Our heritage must be preserved since it is our origin and roots, and we must hold on to our origins and our deep roots” Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

“Our ancestors left us an important popular heritage and we are rightly proud of it and we preserve it and take it forward so it remains a treasure for the nation and the next generations” Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

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