Dalma Traditional Festival
Delma Island - Al Dhafra Region


The festival aims to revive the local marine heritage, preserve the national identity and deepen the strategy of safeguarding the Emirati heritage, inform the public of citizens, residents and tourists of the importance of the marine heritage and the heritage of the UAE islands, encourage the local community, support productive families and revive the island’s local market, in addition to consolidating the festival’s position as a tourism and sports channel. new, developing beach activities, activating the marine heritage aspect, and creating a single family platform to be a tourist destination for all members of society.


The Dalma Race, which is hosted by the festival, is the longest among the sailing races of the 60-foot class, with a total distance of 80 nautical miles, equivalent to 125 kilometers. Then Bani Yas, then the island of Ghasha, followed by the passage of the island of Umm Al-Kurkam, then Al-Fateer, then Al-Buzm, then Marawah, and finally the island of Jananah before landing in the city of Al-Mirfa.