Poetry Academy

A home for poetry in Abu Dhabi


Poetry has always been the most valued language of communication for arabs, and the container of thought and culture. The love of poetry in Abu Dhabi has no limits and many faces, making the city an even more bustling capital of culture.


The Abu Dhabi Poetry Academy is the first literary body specialised in academic studies of the two varieties of Arabic poetry (Classical, and Nabati). It also serves as an academic support and reference for the two TV shows that changed the perception of what makes a popular television hit: “The Poet of the Million” and “The Prince of Poets”.


In its annual programme, the Academy seeks to uphold the different cultural activities that are related to the field of Arab poetry. It organises academic conferences, research seminars, and literary workshops, with the participation of the cream of the crop of researchers and those interested from the various countries of the world. The annual program also includes the organization of poetry recitals that cover different experiments from around the Arab world. The Academy has published creative poetry collections, and is working on the creation of a public library specialised in the studies, and publications of popular culture, including all its forms and fields.