Abu Dhabi Folklore Group

The story of a people in its traditional expressive arts

In their wandering and never ending quest for life and prosperity, the people of the desert have carried with them their knowledge and stories that they have passed orally from generation to generation, from fathers to sons and mothers to daughters. In the same time, they always carried through their journey their unique and rich expressive traditional arts, like chants and dances, and of course, their poetry that reflects the bedouin values of strength, generosity and hope.


As their lifestyle drastically changed and modernity took over in the daily life of Emiratis of desert and coastal areas alike, there was a need to preserve the heritage in the best way possible and to keep on carrying this human wealth to yet new generations. This is the main idea behind the Abu Dhabi Folklore group that was founded in 2008 and had quickly become one of the leading art troops in the United Arab Emirates.
The group was associated during the early years with major arab artists, composers and choreographers, but it counts solely now on local talents and has around fifty members.
The Abu dhabi Folklore Group puts on stage the magic of the desert with its magnificent colours, costumes and accessories. It finds inspiration in the many traditional expressive arts like Al Rizfa (folk dance), Liwa art, Al Ahla art, Al Maled (art of recitation), Al Habban (folk dance), Al Tanboura art, Al Nouban and many others.